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Scrum Teams - CSYE 7374 (Section 03 - Advanced Cloud Computing)


Group projects can help students develop a broad range of skills such as organization, delegation, communication, co-operation and leadership; all of which are very important in the professional world.

Students will work on assignments in teams of 3. Students are free to form team on their own. Each team must submit their team details using the form link provied on the assignment page.

If you cannot find a team to join, you can advertise yourself using this Piazza note.

Agile Development Methodology Reading Material

Scrum for CSYE 7374 - 03

  1. A sprint will last for the length of the assignment.
  2. As soon as assignment is assigned in class, each team will elect a Scrum Master. Scrum Master should be selected on rotating basis.
  3. Scrum Master should call for a Spring Planning Meeting and team should identify tasks for each team member.
    1. A GitHub Issue should be opened for each task in the team’s repository. Each issue should have an assignment number label.
    2. All developers should do the development work in their own repository on assignment specific branch. Code changes should be pushed to team’s repository via GitHub Pull Request.
    3. Scrum Master is responsible for code review and merging the pull request and final deployment of the assignment to cloud platform for demo. Each pull request should have an assignment number label.
  4. I will play the role of Product Owner for your teams. Clarifications to requirements must be asked via Piazza.


I would like to work on assignments by myself. Is that OK?


Can I switch team later?


What should we do if team member does is not going to finish his/her task on time?

Scrum Master is ultimately responsible for making sure each team member finishes their task on time. If a team member is not working on their task, someone else must pick up that task. You must notify your TA during assignment grading about the team member who failed to work on their task. If the issue is not brought up during grading, we will assume everyone contributed to the assignment and equal grade is given out to each team member.

I am looking for co-op or full-time job. Is it OK for me not to work on assignment and let my team members do all the work?

No. Each team member must have equal contribution for each assignment. If Scrum Master raises an issue with the TA about a team member not finishing their task, that person will not get any points for that assignment.

Should we run the application in just one person’s AWS/Github/TravisCI?

No. Each and every team member must have a fully functional development environment. Your TA will ask all team members to demo a given assignment from their environment.