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LockDown Browser Requirement

This course requires the use of LockDown Browser for online exams. Watch this brief video to get a basic understanding of LockDown Browser.

Download Instructions

Download and install LockDown Browser from this link. Once Installed

  1. Start LockDown Browser
  2. Log into Blackboard Learn
  3. Navigate to the test


You won’t be able to access tests with a standard web browser. If this is tried, an error message will indicate that the test requires the use of LockDown Browser. Simply start LockDown Browser and navigate back to the exam to continue.


When taking an online test, follow these guidelines:

  1. Ensure you’re in a location where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Turn off all other devices (e.g. tablets, phones, second computers) and place them outside of your reach.
  3. Before starting the test, know how much time is available for it, and also that you’ve allotted sufficient time to complete it.
  4. Clear your desk or workspace of all external materials not permitted - books, papers, other devices.
  5. Remain at your computer for the duration of the test.
  6. If the computer, Wi-Fi, or location is different than what was used previously with the “Webcam Check” and “System & Network Check” in LockDown Browser, run the checks again prior to the exam.
  7. Remember that LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted.

Getting Help

Several resources are available if you encounter problems with LockDown Browser:

  • The Windows and Mac versions of LockDown Browser have a “Help Center” button located on the toolbar. Use the “System & Network Check” to troubleshoot issues. If an exam requires you to use a webcam, also run the “Webcam Check” from this area.
  • Respondus has a Knowledge Base available from Select the “Knowledge Base” link and then select “Respondus LockDown Browser” as the product. If your problem is with a webcam, select “Respondus Monitor” as your product.
  • If you’re still unable to resolve a technical issue with LockDown Browser, go to and select “Submit a Ticket”. Provide detailed information about your problem and what steps you took to resolve it.