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Assignment #01

Due Date

Section Due Date
Monday 02/04/2019 at 06:00PM

Assignment Weightage

Individual assignment weightage on course grade of this assignment is 5%.

Getting Help


Ask all your questions on Piazza. Assign assignment1 tag to your posts.

AWS Expenses


To keep your AWS credit usage to minimum, please stop terminate your k8s stack when you are done working on it.


Team Formation

For this course, starting from this assignment, students will work in teams of 4. Students are free to form team on their own. Each team must submit their team details using the form link provied on the assignment page. You can use this Piazza note to search for teammates.

Setup GitHub Repository

  1. Create a GitHub repository for assignments. This must be a private repository that only your team, TAs and instructor can access. Make sure to create empty repository.
  2. GitHub repository name must be csye7374-spring2019.
  3. Add your TA and me to your GitHub repository as collaborators. Our emails and GitHub IDs can be found on home page.
  4. Set up your repository by importing code from template.
  5. Update in your repository.
  6. For refresher on Git forking workflow refer to this doc.

Infrastructure as Code w/Ansible

  1. Create following ansible roles:
    1. Role to setup kubernetes cluster using kops command line utility.
    2. Role to teardown Kubernetes cluster using kops command line utility.
    3. Tasks common to both roles must be in the “common” role.
  2. Create playbooks to setup and teardown Kubernetes cluster using the roles created above.
  3. Command line arguments for kops should be ansible variables. Default value of these variables can be set to the values used in lecture lab.



Assignment will be considered late if commits are made to master and feature branch after due date.

  1. All work for this assignment must be done on assignment1 feature branch and merged to master when you are dev complete.
  2. All team member’s feature and master branches must be in-sync.

Grading Guidelines


Following guidelines are for information only. They are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor and TA.

  1. Demo setup and teardown of Kubernetes cluster using ansible playbooks.
    1. Override default --node-count=3 for kops to --node-count=6 from the command line when running the playbook.
  2. Verify that playbooks are using roles and all tasks are defined in roles.