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Assignment #00

Due Date

Section Due Date
Monday 01/14/2019 at 06:00PM


This assignment will not be graded.

Getting Help


Ask all your questions on Piazza. Assign assignment0 tag to your posts.


The objective of this assignment is to setup your development environment, acquire tools we will use for this course and to familiarize yourself with Piazza.

Piazza Setup

  1. Setup Real-Time email notifications for Piazza. Details can be found here.

Account Sign Ups

  1. Sign up for Github Student Developer pack. In past semesters student id did not work for signup. You can use your id.
  2. Sign up for AWS Educate but do not create AWS Educate Starter Accounts. You will need the regular AWS accounts for this course. See note below for difference between AWS Educate Starter Account and AWS Account.
  3. Acquire student license from JetBrains. You will be able to use an IDE such as IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate with your choice of programming language such as Go, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.
  4. Create your Namecheap account.
  5. Create your Github and TravisCI accounts.

Should I apply for an AWS Educate Starter Account instead of an AWS Account?

Selecting an AWS account allows for the greatest amount of flexibility, access to AWS services, eligibility for AWS Free Tier in year one, post-graduation portability, and a larger AWS credit amount through the AWS Educate program. The AWS Educate Starter Account is a great alternative only if you do not have access to a credit card.

Linux Desktop


Before you get started, make sure you’ve backed up your computer.

If the primary Operating System on your laptop is not Linux based such as mac OS, Fedora or Ubuntu, you must install Linux desktop. Follow one of the guides below to install Ubuntu along side you existing Windows install.

Setup Development Environment (Linux Desktop)

In your Linux desktop, install following tools and software:

  1. Oracle Virtual Box.
  2. Install and setup git. You may also install a git GUI client.
  3. A text editor you are most familiar with. Recommended text editors are Visual Studio Code, Atom Text Editor and Sublime Text.
  4. Docker
  5. kops
  6. kubectl
  7. AWS CLI

How do I enable hardware virtualization technology (VT-x) for use in Virtualbox?


Domain Registration & Configuration

Register Domain Name

You will need a DNS domain name for the course. You may use the same domain that you used in CSYE 6225. If you no longer have that domain, you can purhase a new domain from Namecheap or any other registrar.

Configuring Amazon Route 53 For DNS Service

  1. Create a public hosted zone in Amazon Route 53 for your domain.
  2. Configure Namecheap to use custom nameservers provided by Amazon Route 53.


You will not submit anything for this assignment.

Grading Guidelines